Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of our spots are for full-time enrollment. That means access to care Monday through Friday from 6a – 6p. We will offer part-time enrollment on a case by case basis when availability allows. Full-time enrollment is given preference over part-time enrollment.

We are proud to follow industry standards for quality care, and that includes teacher:child rations, care standards, and providing age appropriate experiences for your child. We will place your child in the classroom that allows us to best meet his/her needs and comply with licensing requirements. We are always open to discussion with parents about the best fit for each child!

No! All of our classrooms have bathrooms, and our teachers are trained and ready to assist in the toilet-training process when your child is ready! We will communicate the specifics with you along the way!

  • Toilet training will be planned cooperative between a child’s teacher and parents so the routine established is consistent between home and school.
  • A child must be showing signs of interest in toilet training and have the ability to notice and communicate the need to use the toilet.
  • We will not prematurely attempt to toilet train a child who is uninterested or not ready.
  • Children who are toilet training and have 2 accidents in one day will be put into a pull up for the remainder of the day.
  • A toilet training child’s bathroom usage will be recorded on Brightwheel. Once a child is successfully using the toilet with no accidents for 1-2 weeks, we will no longer record unless something unusual is noted.

Drop Off:

  • We open at 6:30am. We are unable to care for your child before 6:30am. Please do not enter the building before 6:30am.
  • Children must be checked in at the front desk before being taken by a parent/guardian to their classroom. Adults dropping off children are expected to take each child to their classroom and get them settled. The classroom teacher will verify the child has been checked in before giving the parent/guardian approval to leave the child in our care.

Pick Up:

  • We close at 6pm. Children must be in the care of a parent/guardian no later than 6pm. Please arrive at The Learning Center with enough time to sign your child out, collect your child, and exit the building by 6pm.
  • Children must be checked out electronically at the front desk before a parent/guardian goes to their classroom to pick them up. The staff in the classroom will verify the child has been checked out before releasing the child to the parent/guardian.

Basically, everything! Our goal is to make life as easy as we can on parents! When first enrolling, we will ask for a few extra sets of clothing to keep here in case of accidents. Other than that, we provide everything! That means all snacks, food, beverages, diapers, wipes, everything necessary for rest time, and all indoor and outdoor learning supplies.

No. We welcome children being dropped off or picked up anytime within our 6:30am – 6:00pm hours of operation. If your family is deviating from your normal schedule, we would appreciate notification by phone or e-mail to plan appropriately, but it is not necessary.

Your child will only be released to adults listed as Emergency or Release contacts. Someone who is on your list but is not a recognized pick up person should be prepared to show identification before we release your child to them. Please prepare anyone on your list for that before they come to pick up your child.

If you wish for a person who is not listed as an Emergency or Release contact to pick up your child, you must notify us, in writing, before we will release your child to them. An e-mail is acceptable in this situation. This person will be required to show identification before your child is released to them.

In special custody situations, we require a copy of any court ordered custody agreement, to be kept on file at The Learning Center. Without a custody agreement on file, we are unable to prevent the release of your child to a custodial parent.

If a child has not be picked up at 6pm and we have not heard from you, attempts will be made to contact you and those listed as Emergency and Release contacts. We will do our best to make arrangements for someone on staff to stay with your child after hours, but if we cannot reach you or another contact person, we will contact local child protective services or the local police. Late fees will be incurred with any pick up after 6pm.

Children are guided to treat each other and adults with kindness and exhibit self control. Each student at The Learning Center has the right to learn in a safe and friendly place, be treated with respect, and receive help and support from caring adults.

When a child becomes verbally or physically aggressive, we intervene immediately to protect all children and staff. Our approach to helping children with challenging behavior is to guide them in problem solving strategies and offer more appropriate alternative choices. When a consequence is necessary, it is clear, consistent, and developmentally appropriate for the child.

If necessary, a child may be removed from the classroom atmosphere to the Director’s space or welcome desk for a time to diffuse an emotional situation. Parents will be notified and may be asked to pick the child up from care. In special circumstances, a parent, teacher and Director conference may be requested by The Learning Center, or parents, and an individual learning and guidance place may be created. Lead and Assistant teachers will note incidents and issues that occur during the day in Brightwheel and speak to parents at pick up.

When an incident involving 2 or more child occurs, The Learning Center will not discuss details, consequences, or follow up with any children other than your own.

Physical restraint is never used as a means of discipline. In the rare instance where we need to restrain a student for the safety of themselves or others, we will do so gently just long enough to get control of the situation.

Yes. We provide children with all of their meals, snacks, and beverages throughout the day. This includes infant formula.

We also accommodate allergy substitutions when necessary.

We follow the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) guidelines for all meal planning, preparation, and serving practices. A monthly menu for all meals and snacks will be posted in the lobby. Any substitutions made will be noted. What your child eats each day will be documented in Brightwheel.

Water is always available for children 12 months and older and given on demand. 

Outside food is not allowed to be brought into The Learning Center unless there is an approved plan in place and agreed upon between the Director, parents, and your child’s health care professional. Documentation will be required. Any requests for food accommodations must be submitted in writing. A health care professional must provide documentation for any food allergies or sensitivities, and we will work with parents/guardians to come up with an acceptable alternative plan. 

Yes. The Learning Center partners with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to offer financial assistance to qualified families through the Child Development and Care Program (CDC). Families who qualify for this program must work directly with MDHHS and CDC. Only after The Learning Center receives written confirmation from the CDC that a family is eligible, the number of authorized care hours, the family contribution limit, and the benefit end date of care assistance will a child be allowed to attend, unless the family agrees to pay the regular rate until assistance begins.

In addition, before care may begin the family and the Director will meet and make an arrangement in writing for the following: 

  • How payment will be made
  • Hours of care
  • When payment is expected
  • Consequences for late/no payment
  • Notice of when care is no longer needed
  • Child absence and withdrawal policy

The Learning Center offers a few payment options through Brightwheel. Families can choose to pay monthly or biweekly for care. We do require automatic payments to be set up through Brightwheel, which families set up in their account. We accept credit/debit card payments, and ACH transactions. Families incur the fees associated with those payments.

Payments for care are due prior to care being provided. If a family is paying biweekly, payments for each two-week period is due the Friday before. Families paying monthly must pay by the last day of the current month for next month’s care.

When a payment is not received, we will contact you to arrange payment. If the issue is not resolved within 48 hours, we will be unable to care for your child until payment is made. If payment is not made within one week, your child’s spot will be offered to another family on our waitlist.

If a special circumstances arrises, please speak with the Director as early as possible to discuss accommodations.

Babysitting for families outside of work hours is allowed, with prior approval from the Director. The Director will meet with both the family and the staff member. A document will be signed releasing The Learning Center from any responsibility or liability and agreeing to only utilize babysitting services outside of The Learning Center’s hours of operation. The Director has the right to refuse to endorse any arrangements outside of the center with documented reasoning and/or supporting evidence for the decision. Any family who seeks babysitting services from an employee without prior approval from the Director will be given a written warning and may be eligible for termination.

We are delighted to have family participation in our programs. Parents and guardians are welcome to visit anytime during regular hours. Our infant and toddler rooms welcome mothers to come and nurse their young children. 

Parents and guardians visiting a classroom for any reason other than to drop off or pick up a child must sign in at the front desk and obtain a name badge. The badge must be worn the entire time the adult is in our facility. Visiting adults must sign out before leaving The Learning Center.

The Learning Center has the right to refuse admittance into a classroom or our facility to any adult.

The Learning Center will make every effort to be open consistently, even in inclement weather. In the rare instance a weather related or unforeseen circumstance warrants a closing, we will communicate through all available options. Please have back up plans in place.

The Learning Center has the following planned closings in 2021

  • March Teacher Training
  • Memorial Day
  • Summer Break
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Winter Break

Our tuition rates do not change when The Learning Center has a scheduled closed day, we close due to weather or an unforeseen circumstance, or your child misses due to illness or a family event. Tuition is due whether your child is in attendance or not.

Yes. You will get 5% off your oldest child when all children are enrolled full-time.